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Why Fast Delivery is Crucial to E Commerce

Why Fast Delivery is Crucial to E Commerce

7. 06. 2017

With today’s online competitive market, big companies are doing everything in their power to create buying incentive. Platforms like Amazon advertise 1-2 day shipping and many others say the order will be shipped within just a few business days.

We live in a digital world where at the press of a button, packages can arrive on our doorstep. It’s important as a small growing business to be able to compete with these incentives. Fast delivery can become crucial for creating repeat customers.  


Before starting to ship your products, research how fast your store takes to deliver items,the average day of arrival, rates, and times. Make sure to honestly communicate these terms to your customer. If you tell your customer you guarantee 2 day shipping, but the item takes 5 days, your customer may lose trust in the business and you may lose out on a potential repeat customer.


We understand mistakes happen,a package can get lost or an order form doesn’t print,but in instances like these, make sure to offer the customer some sort of apology so they know you take the delivery of their products seriously. This apology could simply be an email or a sale voucher, or free shipping off their next order. Decide what your business plans are for dealing with shipping issues.


Here are some tips to help satisfy your customers when it comes to product delivery:


-Make sure your checkout system provides an estimated delivery date.

-If you are going to offer free shipping, balance out the cost by charging more for expedited shipping.

-If a product is out of stock alert customers immediately.

-If you can, offer more shipping options. Customers like to be able to feel like they have a choice in when they can receive their products.

-Make returns as easy as possible.


Because e commerce survives off the efficiency of the shipping process, it is important to make sure your business is taking steps in how to prevent and handle shipping problems. By having a plan for when shipping goes awry, you will know how to maintain a happy customer shopping experience.