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Understanding who your Fashion Target Customer is

Understanding who your Fashion Target Customer is

6. 03. 2017

Understanding who you are targeting to buy your products, is very important to the success of your online business. Just like with anything, it is important to understand who is buying your products, what they are willing to pay for a product, and why that product interests them. With online fashion, it is important to understand who your niche is. 

 Who is my Target Market?

Your target market is what keeps you in business, therefore it is important you understand who is purchasing your products. Attracting the right consumer for your business is crucial. Most people would assume, attracting as many different kinds of customers as possible is the end goal, but in fashion the opposite rings truer. 

Focus on your “ideal customer” and why they are willing to purchase their needs from you. With online fashion growing, it is important you understand who will be wearing the apparel you are selling.

Make sure you are focusing on your most profitable consumer and be familiar with who purchases the brands and styles you are offering. Know how to correctly and accurately price your products. Research is always the key to unlocking success!

Tailor your marketing and advertising to fit your customer. Social media has drastically changed how we can market to our consumers. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, etc are all great platforms to snag customers. Know what platforms your customer visits frequently and how that can impact their buying habits. 

Having the right brand representation, is an important step in targeting your consumer. Your site should be tailored to represent the items you’re selling. Make sure your site is targeted to who you believe is shopping for the products you are offering. Your site and products should be cohesive and send the same message to your customer.

Build a personal relationship with your consumers.  Being able to personalize your site, is important for repeat customers. Having customer support, or a feedback survey can often times increase how likely your customer is willing to come back to your site.

Remember you have to ask yourself what sets YOU apart from all the others online. Map out who your niche is and go for it!