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The Impact of Visual Branding When Creating your Dropship Business

The Impact of Visual Branding When Creating your Dropship Business

13. 07. 2017

Visual branding can be an easy and effective way to help make your products stand out from a competitive marketplace. Focusing on the visual aspects of your site is an important factor in setting the tone of the products you are selling. Online shopping is no longer just about the practicality and convenience. Because of the now many places available online for customers to choose to shop, creating an experience has become expected in order to get a customer to browse your site and place orders. Below you can find some tips to help create your website visual brand.

Importance of the Home Page

The homepage works as the main center for your site. It is the first impression your customer sees when entering. Make sure your homepage appeals to your customer and sends the right message conveying what you are offering. Make sure it matches with the mood of the products you are trying to sell.


Color can have an emotional impact on a person. It can inspire, convey happiness or it can create anger and send an unhappy message. Any designer will tell you that color matters. When choosing a main color for your site take into account how that color makes you feel and how it presents itself.

You can use color in different ways to enhance your images. You can create borders for your images, shapes, and logos to stylize your website colors.  The key is to use the color or colors consistently throughout the entire website


When choosing a font you will need to consider a few different things. Whether or not you are customizing a font or using a standard office style, make sure the font fits the tone of the product. But most importantly make sure that the font is easy to read and comes across as professional.


Icons can add a fun incentive to customers to click on your product. The most common one is the Call-To-Action button. Pop ups and fun signs in different shapes or images along with text can create an offer that will entice people to follow through with purchasing.


Choose information that’s critical to your audience. When you are dropshipping it is important to be able to stand out amongst all your competitors. Individualizing your titles and descriptions can help differentiate between you and your competitors. If possible, post as many details that you deem necessary to sell the product. In the end, it all comes back to what message you are trying to convey to your customers.

Here are a few other tips to consider:

-Define your market and focus exclusively on them

-Always gain feedback: Is it easy to use? Do they like the website colors? Is the homepage appealing?

-Be consistent

-Create an experience

-Research your competitors

-Know your customer