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Dropshipping Myths vs Facts

Dropshipping Myths vs Facts

7. 06. 2017

When it comes to dropshipping, their is so much information surrounding the subject that it can become hard to understand what is accurate and what isn’t. The retail model offers an alternative to standard wholesale practices. While dropshipping popularity has grown drastically in recent years, it still has a large misunderstanding surrounding what exactly dropshipping can offer you and your business. Here are the top 5 dropshipping myths that any potential dropshipper needs to understand.


Myth 1


Dropshipping only works for low priced, general products


A common misconception is that the majority of dropshippers are selling high volumes of low priced items. These are those site you see selling knockoff electronics and cheap clothing from China, but the world of dropshipping has changed.

In today’s ecommerce realm, dropshipping offers a successful model for entrepreneurs looking to sell anything and everything, many now offer high quality, specialized items, and branded products. If you can find a niche for your products, you have found a market.

Online retailers are becoming more ambitious when it comes to what their sites can offer their customers. The biggest fear about dropshipping is that if too many people are selling the same low distributed products, then you will find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. But with so many new products and dropshipping sites available, you have more options to help avoid that outcome.

It is common knowledge that a little store can’t keep up with competitive priced sites like Amazon and Ebay, but if you know how to offer your customers other incentives, you can still create a thriving ecommerce business.



Myth 2


I need to have an in depth understanding of coding and all things IT


While all prior IT knowledge is great, many platforms now offer tools that can help you start an online store that is user friendly. These platforms make it easy to design a website to fit your business model.

Many dropshippers also offer easy to use instructions for downloading their products to your store that can make it easy to get on your feet and start dropshipping.

I would recommend though, before starting a store researching the basics of online ecommerce selling, any additional knowledge you bring before starting to dropship can only benefit you and your business.


Myth 3  


It’s an easy path to making a huge profit overnight


With anything we want available at the touch of a button, the promise of overnight success is extremely tempting. You hear stories of dropshipping businesses making millions in profit weeks after starting, or that with just a few hours of work a day, you can make enough to quit your daytime job.

Just like with anything, success comes with a lot of hard work and time. When starting a dropshipping business you will need to put a lot of time and effort into making it a success. This means focusing on marketing tactics, customer service quality, and overall keeping your site up and running.


Myth 4


All it takes is me listing products on my site for the sales to roll in


The idea of dropshipping is often advertised as synonymous with easy. Although dropshipping is a great alternative to purchasing wholesale, there's still work and effort that goes into running a website with dropshipping. Yes, you can download the products from your dropshipper using their pictures and descriptions, but you still have to create a reason as to why customers should buy from you.

It’s important to figure out what your buying incentives are. You can list as many products as you want, but that doesn't mean people will buy from you. Incentives could be greatly priced products, awesome customer service, free shipping, etc. Make sure you are advertising these incentives to your customer.



Myth 5


I am limited on what platforms I can sell on


There is a common misconception that dropshipping can only be done on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, but it is becoming more and more common to dropship on many other ecommerce platforms. You can create your own website, designing it on a platform like Shopify or Woocommerce.



Once you understand the basics of dropshipping you are ready to go out and start your dropshipping journey!